Building surveys can lead to the renegotiation of property prices

Are you a home buyer looking to reduce the asking price of a property for sale? If so, a building survey could help you renegotiate for a better price.

Discover Repairs Needed

The primary reason to get a building survey is to find out all the problems and imperfections with a building before you buy it. The report will include the market value and estimated cost of the repairs.

After you receive a detailed report of the building problems, give the report to the property seller or agent. You can use this report to try and lower the property price because of all the repair costs you will incur.

A seller will usually agree to lower the price if you can prove to them the cost of the repairs needed. A building surveyor is a professional who can do all this for you.

Set a Budget

Sometimes the repair costs of a building could put you over budget. You may even be tempted to walk away from the deal because of all the repairs.

First, however, you should renegotiate a new property price which still puts you slightly ahead. Use the building survey as the basis for your renegotiations to come out ahead.

Request a Building Survey

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