Buying a home? We reveal what to look for

Are you in the market to buy a home? If so, you need to understand what to look for before you invest large sums of money to purchase it.

Property Surveying Services looks for the following five things during our building and home surveys:

1) Dampness

If there is too much moisture in your drywall, it could leave the material soft and spongy. A damp test of the walls will determine the moisture level in the drywall.

It is better to choose a home with damp proofing in place. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo all the drywall if too much moisture has damaged it.

2) Ventilation

Is the home properly ventilated? A house must have an adequate ventilation system to prevent moisture and mold accumulation. It will also make you feel more comfortable too.

3) Insulation

Does your home have high-quality insulation materials installed? Good insulation means better energy efficiency for the home. Then you can save money on your energy bills each month.

4) Drainage

Does the water drain from your property well? A comprehensive drainage system prevents flooding and water damage. So, make sure the home has a superb drainage system.

5) Visible Defects

Assess the interior and exterior walls and roofs for visible defects, such as cracks, chips, and missing pieces. These are all possible signs of deterioration, which you obviously wouldn’t want in your new home.

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