Damp & mould

Damp and mould go hand in hand. Where you find one, the other will inevitably be nearby. Mould and fungi come in all colours and shapes, some are harmful to humans, but they all need damp to start growing.

The causes of damp can be many and some times complex to resolve, but whether it’s penetrating damp, rising damp, condensation or leaking services or roofs, or a combination of problems, with our years of experience we will give you the correct diagnose to solve the problem right away.

Getting rid of the damp and mould will give you peace of mind that your home is dry, healthy and safe.

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Useful information

Please look at the below links regarding mould.

Aspergillus is an extremely toxic mould as described in the NHS link.

Undetected mould can lead to health problems; see this Daily Mail report.

How damp and mould effects your heath.

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Condensation problems are a major cause of harmful mould in most households and businesses. If you have condensation problems in your home or business, our surveyor will correctly diagnose the problem and offer the correct solution.

The day to day use of the property and the water vapour it produces shouldn’t necessarily be the problem, a balance between ventilation, insulation and heating needs to be obtained. Condensation leading to the growth of harmful mould should not just be covered up but eradicated by finding a solution through a qualified experienced surveyor.

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What is condensation?

Excess water vapour in the air leads to condensation forming on different parts of your property at different temperatures, once a surface is damp mould spores will start to grow

Condensation problems can be a major cause of harmful mould in households and business leading to varying degrees of health issues.

Interstitial condensation happens when water vapour in the air causes condensation to form within the fabric of the building.

These types of damp can be easily mistaken for penetrating and rising damp and need to be diagnosed properly.

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Are condensation problems serious?

Any condition that can leave parts of your household damp is serious, not only can a prolonged period of dampness start to damage your home, but mould spores will grow within weeks, this can lead to a number of serious health issues.

When left untreated wet and dry rot will also start to attack the timbers in your property, leading to expensive treatments.

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