Dose a surveyor look in the cupboards and loft?

By 10 October 2021Blog, Property Survey


A building surveyor will make a point at opening most of the windows, doors and cupboards they can find just to reveal any cracking, missing keys, damaged timber that might reveal bigger problems.

An unconverted loft is perhaps one of the best places to spot problems in a house.

The first thing a Surveyor will always look for is evidence that the roof covering has failed and is letting in water.

Once a Surveyor is happy that the covering is fine, and no water is getting in, the next thing to look at is the structure. A surprisingly common issue is the DIY conversion job.

He/she will look at some of the other small issues, such as: Are the firewalls complete? Are there signs of woodworm or other wood boring insects? Is there evidence of any other forms of infestation?

Are there are any visible problems with the electrical wiring that can often be seen in a loft? Are there any problems with the cold-water storage tank? How much insulation is present? Don’t forget your surveyor can also tell you some of the good things about a roof space such as how much has been boarded for storage, if conversion is possible or if a loft ladder is fitted.

When getting a building survey, you may expect the surveyor to cover every element of the property. Whilst many of these elements may be touched on during a survey, it’s important to remember Surveyors are subject matter experts, they are not electricians, plumbers or structural engineers. Sometimes they might recommend using other specialists.