Boundary Disputes and Expert Witness Reports

It can be frustrating getting into a dispute with a neighbour. Sometimes, you can find a quick, easy resolution that suits both of you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and seeking an expert opinion can save time and money to resolve the issue.

We can help with:

  • Boundary construction disputes.
  • Boundary wall disputes.
  • Driveway boundary disputes.
  • Boundary fence disputes.

By examining title deeds, original plans, and other documentation, we can help establish legal boundaries for your property and your rights. And with that, we can help settle the boundary dispute between you and your neighbour and help you reach an agreement.

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  • A fresh, energetic approach to disputes which may have rumbled on for years.
  • Clear, succinct plans and reports which isolate and explain key issues to laymen and lawyers alike.
  • Years of experience gathering, qualifying, collating, distilling, and presenting data from diverse sources.
  • Tasks always approached as though instructed by the courts.
  • Boundary Dispute and Expert Witness Surveys.
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Expert Witness Services

Below are the services we offer as expert Witnesses. We specialise in Boundary disputes, contractual disputes between a builder and building owners. Damp, mould and condensation disputes between property owners and tenants.

  1. Provide Expert Opinion. We offer our professional opinion on matters within our area of expertise. This opinion is often based on a thorough examination of the facts of the case and may involve the review of documents, research, or experiments.
  2. Educate the Court: We are often asked to explain complex concepts, technical details, or industry-specific practices to the court in an easily understandable way. They help bridge the gap between specialised knowledge and the legal understanding of those involved in the case.
  3. Prepare Reports: We typically prepare written reports detailing our findings, methodologies, and opinions. These reports are submitted to the court and may be used by both sides in the legal proceedings.
  4. Testify in Court: We may be called to testify during depositions, hearings, or trials. During testimony, we present our opinions and respond to questions. The goal is to help the court make informed decisions based on their expertise.
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