How long is a house survey valid for?

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Depending on the survey carried out, building survey, home buyers report or the Condition report, the structural part of the survey will be valid for many years to come, but any valuation will only be valid for 90 days, this is due to the market values changing, sometimes very quickly.

All surveys are worth keeping hold of as they contain information about your property so whether it’s a Building survey, home buyers report, or a condition report they will have information regarding what sort of structure and the different materials in your home. This information can be important in the future if you wish to extend or refurbish the property.

How long does a survey take?

On average a building survey takes between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the property and its age and the survey instructed.

A full building survey on a large property built over 50 years ago could take all day, the older and larger the property the more work involved and the more chance that there may be a problem somewhere, a full building survey is highly recommended for properties over 50 years old.

How long does the report take?

At PSS we generally email the full report to you within 72 hours.

Thermal Imaging surveys

Thermal imaging surveys will also be valid for at least 10 years if no work has been carried out on the property. If the building has been refurbished in any way or if an extension has been added this will have affected the thermal properties of the house and the survey will be invalid.

Roof surveys

roof surveyRoof surveys are a little more difficult, on an older property 50 years plus that has had little maintenance, a roof survey will be valid for no more than 6months to a year, this would be down to the life span of the materials used, on a newer property perhaps 1-2 years.

The difference with a roof is it’s subject to all the weather conditions and the condition of the roof can change quickly if not maintained properly.

New houses now are being built with plastic dry ridge systems, with matching plastic verges, these systems look smart and if fitted properly will last for many years without any maintenance.

Mould, condensation, and damp

Damp surveys are the least long-lasting survey. As with the roof survey, situations can change very quickly particularly in an older property. If your property starts to become damp, mould and insect infestation can happen soon after. This sort of survey would last no longer than 6 months to a year, on older properties it is strongly recommended to have a full building survey by an independent surveyor that understand the complexities of older houses and the way damp can affect them.

Survey types

Building survey

This survey is recommended for all property purchases particularly older properties and gives you a detailed report of the structure and the materials used.

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The home buyers survey

This survey will tell you about the major defects and any items that may affect the value and is recommended for newer properties.

Condition survey

This survey is the most budget-friendly but isn’t very useful in the amount of information contained in the report.

At PSS we do not Value property, our expertise is in building surveying. If you have any need for one of the above surveys to be carried out, please contact us.

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