What is a thermal imaging heat loss survey?

A thermal imaging survey is an important tool for building monitoring, it assists us in the detection of water leaks, damp, condensation, and structural problems.

Thermal imaging provides homeowners answers as to why their home is cold and where they are wasting money and energy.

Heat loss surveys can be used as part of refurbishment projects to help prioritise what to improve, and where. A thermal survey on a building can help save money on heating and energy bills, plus will improve your carbon footprint!

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What we can do for you

At  Property Surveying Services we specialise in surveys for both commercial and residential buildings.

Our thermal survey reports include thermal and digital images where we will highlight our findings along with our analysis and recommendations.

Thermal surveys can be grouped into four sections:

  • Residential or commercial heat loss surveys
  • Flat roof surveys
  • Flood, damp, condensation, leaking services (under floor heating), surveys
  • Building compliance
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What is thermal imaging commonly used for:

  • Identifying and documenting heat loss during energy audits
  • Location of wall, structures and fixtures
  • Insulation testing on new buildings
  • De-lamination or de-bonding of building rendering
  • Identifying sources of air and moisture intrusion
  • Locating moisture damage due to leaks or condensation in walls and roofs
  • Locating hidden structures or pipe work
  • Locating air leakage from building envelope
  • Identifying excessive energy usage due to damaged, missing or wet insulation
  • Under floor heating system inspections
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Thermal imaging heat loss survey in houses

We provide heat loss surveys for homeowners using the highest quality and most up to date infrared thermal image cameras.

We are trained as Advanced thermographer at, ICT level one with the thermal imaging camera

At property surveying services we aim to provide valuable information and have surveyed many individual houses of varying age, size and design – the oldest of which dated back to the 1800s! Many are brand new and, surprisingly, we have discovered some serious defects which have been crucial for the homeowner to learn about. In these cases, thermal imaging has proven beyond doubt that a problem does exist, and has identified the cause of break down without material damage to the property

Our surveys are typically done early in the morning or late in the evening during cold weather when the temperature is at its lowest for improved results. However, we aim to be as helpful as possible and will always explain why we survey the way we do.

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