Which survey to choose when buying a home

Never buy a home without getting a survey done first. A home survey thoroughly assesses a home’s present faults, abnormalities, and imperfections. Once the survey is completed, the client receives a detailed report of all the issues discovered.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the legal authority for determining the official home survey reports in the United Kingdom. They have named at least three main types of home surveys.

The three main survey types are as follows:

RICS Home Survey – Level 1

Level 1 is the cheapest and most standard home survey. For instance, if you are buying a regular-sized house made of common building materials, this would be a suitable survey.

The surveyor will conduct a simple walkthrough of the property to look for the biggest and most important problems. The final report will cite these problems, but it won’t give too much detail or advice on how to resolve the issues.

RICS Home Survey – Level 2

Level 2 is the more popular homebuyer survey used in most home purchase cases. The surveyor does a walkthrough of the home and checks the cellars and roof spaces too.

In the final report, the surveyor will give recommendations on how to fix the problems, the estimated repair costs, and the home’s market value.

RICS Home Survey – Level 3

Level 3 is the most thorough home survey. It is better for homes over 50 years old or any homes that are apparently in poor condition.

The surveyor will identify all the risks, defects, and the scope of what it will take to fix them all.

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